Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tom Cruise half man, half... drug addict? What's up with that Mr. Cruise?

 I am doing the 22nd shot in the Minority Report shot examination!

1. Here we see Cruise actually going to his drug dealer at night, and the light is hitting half his face as he is looking at his dealer in a dark, sketchy hallway. The brilliance of Spielberg here is, that Anderton (Cruise) is "two-faced." That he has two different sides, on one we see him as this glorious, prestigious PreCrime officer, who is the best in his field. Yet, the darker side of Anderton is this drug addicted father, who has lost his son and has turned to drugs. So its trying to show that Anderton, like so many others, might seem like a great guy on one side, but when we see his other side, he becomes the true person he is.

2. The shot here is obviously a close up on Anderton's face. The angle is a fairly medium angle, pretty much even with cruise. It is a single take, and besides his face there is nothing else in the picture so nothing to say about mise-en-scene.

3. Three interesting details:

1. Well, even though this happens later in this scene, when the drug dealer, who is without both of his eyes, says, "In a blind world, the one eyed man is king," we see in this picture, only one of Anderton's eyes showing, alluding to the fact that Anderton is this extremely powerful man. Also, how appropriate is it that the right side of Anderton's face is in darkness, and when we think of blindness, we think of dark, bleakness, and emptiness, which is what Anderton's face displays
2. When I look at Andeton's face up close like this, I can see a man who actually is fairly "dirty" per se, like his beard is all over the place, he's got some black marks on his face, it is certainly far from the perfect, clean officer we came to see at PreCrime. It is like the closer we are getting to Anderton himself, the more we are seeing his "true colors."
3. Looking at his two sides of his face in this shot, the yin and yang symbol comes to mind. Its the two opposite personas he has, and how they interact to keep him whole and perfect to the outside world. Clearly, one side is this drug addict and the other is the powerful, crime fighting officer. 

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  1. Brian, Many good ideas here and a good job labeling the shot. A couple of quibbles: "his beard is all over the place"?! That whole "dirty" angle seems forced. Excellent job linking this shot to the dealer's words.