Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's a Bird... Images

I am focusing on page 27, where Seagle details the "baby boom" in America right now. That it seems to him that everyone is having kids. He seems to be asking, what's the big deal about kids, they seem to be more hassle than worth. They turn out to be clueless 13 year old kids, who need love, but their loving mom works a busy day and does it monotonously. Then when they grow up, they still ask mom and dad to do everything for them, and they cling to them like growths.

That is why I focus on the bottom three images specifically.

The three images on the bottom are almost exactly the same, it is just of Seagle's face, with a close up on his left eye, and his glasses pushed down below the eyes. Initially I thought these were exactly the same, but on closer inspection, Seagle actually shades and colors the area around his eye differently. The reflection in his glasses change, the shadows above his eyebrow and the dirt and smudges where his eye and nose meet. The background is a bleak green, very bland, boring, and like Seagle is sticking out in a bland boring world.

I think the shadows on his face and glasses, to me, show that the world is ever changing, and that no matter how meaningless and boring your life is, its ever moving and no one thing is exactly a like. Also, Seagle is perplexed by the notion of having kids, and I think he is trying to show you what happens to kids in reality. He is basically a deadbeat writer, who turned down the job of a lifetime, who is odd and seems like the relationship with his mother and he is not close, they rarely talk. He talks about what happens when the kid isn't what "you wanted?" And I think he is like, hey look at me, I am that kid, and guess how I turned out? Not well, and he is making the case for why having so many kids is worthless and not needed.

As I said earlier, all three frames are almost identical, they all are close ups, of one of Seagle's eyes. Medium angle, and its like the camera is staring into nothingness? Its just a bland face, with a bland background, he has no life, nothing to be known for, its almost like he's Clark Kent. He is the guy that just blends into society at a moments notice, he never stand out or up, he just vanishes. And I would guess, that when he wants to become a so called "superhero" we will see the true amazing side of Seagle...I hope.

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