Monday, October 21, 2013

"Words, Words, Words..." It's a Bird

Seagle seems awfully sarcastic to me, and in particular on page 7, the bottom 4 frames really are great for me. I love how he portrays his vision of the doctors when he was a child as plotting murderers. I like how he especially bolds "plotting", "wanted", and "want." To me, he seems like someone who does not like doing things other people tell him to do, and he wants to do the exact opposite because he does not want to be that submissive. For example, when his dad gives his brother and him the comic, he says he won't read it because his dad told him to, or when his publisher gives him the opportunity of a lifetime he says he won't. And when he bolds "want" and "wanted" I think it's further emphasizing his sarcastic yet non-submissive nature. 

He actually mixes up his bubbles often, like whenever their is dialogue he uses bubbles, as seen when he talks to his publisher on the phone, but I really like how when the phone rings and he can hear his answering machine the bubble is jagged, and pointy and sticks out like a loud ring does, very energy filled. Also, when he is narrating about his life, he goes with boxes, which show a very story like approach to it, where it reads normally and its meant to be informative and clear. Unlike the fast paced dialogue bubbles when he is talking to someone.  

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