Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Themes in The Road.... G.O.D.



In a world where, clearly, everything is lost, it is very interesting that McCarthy would let the man and his son keep their faith in their own religion. What good is religion, like anything else, at this time? Well, I feel when people face adversity or harm, and they want to keep hope and faith in something in order to keep going, religion is often a common place to look. Especially in this post-apocalyptic world of The Road where the man and his son have no faith or trust in anyone else, they truly need something to keep going and religion provides them with some sort of comfort in a place where you can never be truly comfortable. Yet, I find it interesting that the man never actually expresses his true search\ for hope in religion, meaning he never actually states or does something that would key us to his asking of God for help/hope. But, McCarthy seemingly never uses it in the same way. We had the scene of the man (12) on his knees trying to talk to God, and, in my opinion, questioning whether God is even real and that he is actually helping them in some way. Later on though, on page 111, the man uses God as a word to express haste for the boy to get moving and start to get out of that house with the people. Speaking of the boy, I cannot remember, up to page 113, where the boy actually talks about God and faith, it is seemingly always the man speaking. So maybe, it is something we messaged in class, its the idea of a God- Jesus relationship, where the man is God, in a sense, and he is trying to have the boy as his son where he can project his ideas and beliefs into him. Its a stretch, but I do think its there for the boy to be this Jesus-esk character.   

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  1. Again, generally good, but quote and explain language from the text carefully.