Monday, November 25, 2013

Questions for The Road (updated per reading)

31-53, 53-72, 73-93


Why would the boy and man enter the freezing cold pond under the waterfall? Was it simply to clean themselves or was it something to maybe lift their spirits?

Are the father's insecurities about meeting other survivors hurting their chances of survival? Why is he so reluctant of others/ to leave anything for anyone to see?

What was going on in the man's exchange with his wife? I presumed it was a flashback, but what was with the bullets?

Is the man knowledgable about certain areas in life, because he knew some parts of the brain and speed of sound during the exchange with that man? He also shoots the man in the head while the other man is holding his son. Seems to me like he is a good shot, that is not something many people could do as quickly as he did and accurately.


The man refers to his son as god like (75). Why does he have such respect and admiration for his son, yet his wife had almost no respect for him? Why such a rift?

I was confused by the dog scene. I thought it said it was following them, but the man couldn't catch it. Then it left. What was going on exactly, why do they need a dog anyways?


Is there some relationship between the man and son using "God" so often, yet when they meet the people in the grand old mansion, they use Christ often? Why the difference?

I wonder if the boy is starting to doubt his father because he did not want to go into the mansion initially, then he did, because his father did not want to. Is the son growing up in this dark world starting to learn the ways of life and catch onto to ideas?

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  1. Very good questions here! (Watch out for Y/N questions, though).

    Also, where is the final journal entry: your creation of The Road.