Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Goodbye Columbus Chp 1


Page 10- "The darker it got the more savagely did Brenda rush the net..."

Page 11 -"Now I had grown accustomed to the dark..."

So both Brenda and Neil, seemingly as the dark comes in, are better able to free themselves and are more comfortable in doing things in the dark. Brenda is more apt to rush the net in tennis, while Neil is more comfortable in seeing Brenda's figure.


" 'No. I go to school in Boston.' I disliked her for the answer... I come right out and say it: Newark Colleges of Rutgers University" (11).

It seems that Neil wants to, almost boast, about where he goes, while Brenda, while I do not think she seems ashamed, is not as much of an upfront person, because Neil has to awkwardly dig into her to find where she actually goes to college in Boston.

diving board
phone book
telephone table
assortment of foods
salt shaker
threadbare bundles
soda bottles
golf balls
railroad crossings
switchmen shacks
used-car lots
tennis ball


1.When Brenda asks Neil what he looks like he says he is "dark", and Brenda's first reaction, also happens when Neil describes Doris, is are you a "Negro?" Which to me shows that African Americans are still thought of as less and unwanted in this time, because not only does she use the word Negro, but she also quickly asks the question to him, which shows that if he was a Negro she would never want anything to do with him.

2. Doris, Neil's cousin, moves into the local area and she is the one who joined the Country Club, and it was her family that is the members, yet obviously Neil is mooching off of them and using their membership to go the pool. So because of Neil's cousins he is able to jump up classes and seemingly he is a middle to lower class family, he is now living, for a short time, the life of a high roller and going to the country club's pool. 

Monday, January 13, 2014


Ya do not laugh, I took this one in front of my Christmas Tree. I wanted to kind of get a perspective on how I fill up a photo and how the positioning can make me seem way way bigger than the tree. I tried to fill up as much of the frame as possible, but also trying to get the focus onthe right part of the photo with the tree. I tried to leave the center as dead as possible knowing that the middle is "dead space".

Took this on the same day as one above, and clearly here my goal was to get my face purely away from the center, and towards the upper left. I think it draws the focus to my face, instead of the center and right which do not offer much in terms of me. 

This I took in school, and it is kind of old. In math class by the way, not Lit and Film... Again you see me trying to draw the focus on the left part of the frame. I really want to leave the center open in all my photos in order to keep that focus on me. The center is not the best way to get focus on something because it is so normal and nothing is special about center. When you see me all the way on the left, it catches your eye rather than me just blandly in the middle