Monday, January 13, 2014


Ya do not laugh, I took this one in front of my Christmas Tree. I wanted to kind of get a perspective on how I fill up a photo and how the positioning can make me seem way way bigger than the tree. I tried to fill up as much of the frame as possible, but also trying to get the focus onthe right part of the photo with the tree. I tried to leave the center as dead as possible knowing that the middle is "dead space".

Took this on the same day as one above, and clearly here my goal was to get my face purely away from the center, and towards the upper left. I think it draws the focus to my face, instead of the center and right which do not offer much in terms of me. 

This I took in school, and it is kind of old. In math class by the way, not Lit and Film... Again you see me trying to draw the focus on the left part of the frame. I really want to leave the center open in all my photos in order to keep that focus on me. The center is not the best way to get focus on something because it is so normal and nothing is special about center. When you see me all the way on the left, it catches your eye rather than me just blandly in the middle